Why is my comment deleted?


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If your comment does not show up immediately after clicking on “Post”, it is unlikely that your comment was deleted immediately.

Listed below are some of the reasons why a comment would not appear immediately or why it would disappear without notice:

  1. Your comment might have been picked up by our filters and sent to the moderation queue, pending action from the Soompi team. Don’t worry, we review this section daily, and your comment will be published within 24-48 hours as long as it adheres to our Soompi Community Guidelines.

    In such instances, please avoid posting duplicate comments as it will only contribute to the likelihood of your comments being filtered out. 

    Note: Automatic filters are sensitive and can sometimes wrongly identify comments that are not in violation of Soompi Community Guidelines. If so, your account will not be penalized. 

  2. Your comment might have been repeatedly reported by other Soompiers after it was published. Comments that go against the Soompi Community Guidelines will be flagged by the community to keep discussions healthy and relevant. Comments that have been flagged more than 3 times will be sent to the moderation queue, pending review by the Soompi team. 
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