How do I log in to Soompi Forums?


A recent change on the login screen on Soompi Forums might have caused some users to be logged out and not be able to log in with the same email and password combination. 

To fix this, you can simply reset your password by clicking on Forgot your Password? at the bottom of the login screen.


If you had previously signed up and/or logged in to Soompi Forums via Facebook or Google, you will be required to recover your password first.

Once you change your password, you should be able to continue logging in via Facebook and Google. Please note that after accepting Facebook or Google permissions, you might still need to use this new password as the last step.

Will I lose my account if I log in again? 

You will not lose your account as forum account details are not deleted from the forum. You should be able to easily gain access to your old account without any trouble. If you don't remember what email was used, you can write in to Soompi support with your forum username and we will help you identify your email account. Emails will be partially masked as a security measure. 

I tried to recover my password but I'm not receiving any email

Make sure to check your Spam folder and to whitelist the email to make sure it doesn't bounce or is part of your junk list.

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