Why can't I log in to Soompi with my old account?


In December 2018, we introduced a new way to log in on Soompi. Users can now log in via Facebook, Google or Apple ID only. Email and password login is no longer available.  

This means that all Soompi users are required to create a new Soompi account with this new login.

Upon attempting your first login with this new setup, a new Soompi account will be created for you. It will automatically create a new Disqus account.

What about my old Disqus account?

Due to technical limitations, we’re not able to link your old Disqus account with your new Soompi account.

We understand that this can be confusing and inconvenient. On the bright side, with this new login, we have been able to introduce new features that you might find useful (such as bookmarking, following, notifications, etc.). We look forward to providing you with better experiences, and hope you enjoy them!

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 Are you having issues logging in? Contact us.

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