I don't see my article in the latest list of articles. Where can I find the article I published?

Freshly published article
Once you publish your article, you can find it immediately under your author page. As a contributor, you can continue to edit or delete your article as long as it has not been approved as a qualified article yet.
Approved by moderators or staff
Once your article has been approved as a qualified article by community moderators or Soompi staff, it'll appear on the latest list of articles on the community page. You will not be able to make edits or delete the article then.
Featured articles
If you write something really interesting or fun, your posts may be featured by Soompi! Whether an article is featured or not is decided by Soompi staff (excluding moderators).
Here are the 4 main areas where your post could potentially be featured:
1. On the Soompi homepage
2. On the front of the Community page
3. Soompi's RSS feed
4. Soompi's social media
Unqualified articles
If your article has been unapproved or rejected by moderators or staff, it will remain as a draft on your author page. If you would like to send the content again for review, please create a new draft with edits made to the content, then publish.
Articles are banned if they violate the terms or community guidelines. Banned articles will not be be visible anywhere after it has been flagged as banned by our staff or moderators.
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