How do I follow idol groups and celebrities on Soompi app?


Follow your favorite celebrities or idol groups to see related content from them! 

Follow an idol group or celebrity

  1. Launch the Soompi app and log in to your account
  2. Tap on the Fan Club tab Screenshot_20190227-181544.jpeg, then tap "+" to view the list of groups and celebrities you can follow
  3. Tap photo6138533415004252374.jpg on the profiles of groups and celebrities you wish to follow.

Your follow list will show up in the Fan Club tab and your profile tab on your Soompi app.

Not seeing your favorite idol group or celebrity on the list? Tell us!

(1) Not all idol groups and celebrities are available for following.
(2) Please allow some time for the list to load.

Unfollow an idol group or celebrity

To unsubscribe from a group or celebrity, follow the same instructions for following. Instead of tapping photo6138533415004252374.jpg, tap photo6141048466248411271.jpg


*The Follow feature is unique to the Soompi app. Download your Soompi app: Android | iOS

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