How do I send a private message?

You can send a private message (or PM) to any member of the Soompi Forums community. There are two ways in which to do this:
1) From your mailbox
You can find your mailbox at the top right corner of your browser at Click the Screenshot_2019-10-16_at_2.56.35_PM.png icon to access your mailbox:

Click the ‘Compose New’ button on the right to create a new message. Enter the username that you would like to send your message to, in the "To" field. If you would like to send a message to multiple users, separate their usernames by hitting "Enter" after each username. Hit "Send".
2) From the user’s profile page

On every member's profile page, you'll see a ‘Message’ button near their profile picture:

Clicking this button will navigate you into your mailbox, and will allow you to quickly send them a PM.
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